Monday, October 8, 2012


1&2: Out at the Barn. We are out at the barn several times a week between Me riding and Lilly's riding lessons. The second pic of Raley giving my "precious" Malibu some well deserved treats! 
3. My little Lil
4. Lilly and I knitting on a Sunday Eve. These are some of the hats we are making for "Halos of Hope" that will be donated to indivuals with cancer.
5. Friday Family Movie Night. Lilly, Raley, and I have done this for years. Every Friday we get lots of snacks, blankets, and pillows and make a fort and watch movies. Its our Friday night Tradition. This last week we watched this. I am not a huge fan of it anymore... They call each other stupid and idiot waaay to much. We do not use unkind words like that. Even "Dumb" is not cool in our house. Because really, who wants to be called any of those names?- That is my ranting movie review for the week..  "Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown = No es bueno.  Also in case anyone hits up the Redbox and sees the "Shrek Halloween Stories" and thinks it looks cute and fun, Its NOT. I could not turn the TV off fast enough. Waaaay to scary for kids under 5 ...heck it kind of freaked me out.. Mooooving on. 
6. Raley and I were sitting in the grass watching Lilly throw the ball. Kind of funny, Lilly would throw the ball to Remy and when he would take off after the ball, Hamilton was right behind him running as fast as he could with his tiny wings flapping! Silly duck
7. I was clearing out some of my fabric and Lilly decided to make a "Skirt". She was so proud of herself!
8. Indoor picnic at my sisters= Happy girls!
9. Malibu and I

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