Sunday, August 7, 2011

Homemade Laundry Soap

Hi! This  Post is about how I make my own Laundry Soap I have been making it for about 4yrs!

First let me explain how I sort laundry for washing, I do love this recipe but still use store bought laundry soap at times. If I explain how I sort it maybe that will make since?! I put all darks- black, Navy and browns in one pile, Blue's (Except navy) and greens in one pile. Pinks (usually there is so much pink that it makes its own load between the three of us), reds and oranges in one pile. Yellows, creams, and not nice whites ( my workshop house tee shirts or girls Jammie's) in one pile. Nice whites in one pile with a scoop of oxy clean. Towels, panties, and socks in one pile on Hot to kill germs. Kitchen Towels in there own pile.  Sheets in there own piles on hot. Raleys cloth diapers in there own pile on hot and then laid out to dry in the sun if it is nice . I also do not dry most of the clothes for the girls I drape them on hangers and hang them on the top of the door frame.
As for the girls clothes most of it was my nieces clothes which are all from gymboree, or stuff that I have bought usually Janie and jack or Gap, some Target. Or that my mom has bought gymboree, Heartstrings or chocolate soup. Its not that I am all about labels ( most of my stuff I buy I buy on sale or eBay) but I just find that the these brands hold up well and stay new looking the longest I have bought stuff from walmart but I find that it fades a lot even with using Woolite. Since the clothes are for Lilly and then Raley to wear I want them to look nice for a long time and after Raley wears them I resale them ( these brands also have a higher resale value, some of them even if used and in good condition resale for higher then they were bought for) unless I am attached to them and then I keep it. Also I always pretreat the stains asap. So basically I really like it but since it does not have all the chemicals in that other laundry soap has in it but, I do find it fades and does not get stains out as well. I also find that it is a lot better for me and my daughters skin. I have a very fair completion and so do my daughters, Lilly more then Raley. The fairer you are the more sensitive your skin is.

Back to the soap

 I feel that it does fade the dark clothes more then regular laundry soap because it does not have the color protection that Woolite dark does, but that is just me. I use this on all the clothes except the dark pinks/reds, dark pile.

You need:
 1 Bar of Fels-Naptha
 1 cup of Washing Soda
 1/2 cup of Borax
All found at your local grocery store/Target/Walmart

Grate the whole bar of soap. I use the large grate because it takes way to long to grate down otherwise. It may take a little longer to melt the bigger pieces but I would rather stir a little longer then grate longer. That's just me.

5 gallon bucket. I got this at Lowe's for a couple bucks.

Add the Grated soap to 6 cups of water

This is the soap, just pored into the stove top pot to be mixed

Adding Borax and washing soda

Then the Hot soap mix from stove top on top of the powder (some people mix the washing soda and borax in the pot on the stove and then then put it in the bucket, this is how I do it)

After the water is filled to the top and then I stir untill it it all blended.

Always use  Fels-Naptha if you use other brands it will turn out much different than this ( I am refuring to the picture below). The way it is supposed to turn out is similar to "Egg Drop soup" if you use other brands( I have tried Ivory, Dove it turns out like a very very think gel instead of Egg Drop soup and you need a mixer to make it somewhat smooth. This you do not need a mixer you just swirl your spoon around and Tada!! I like to use milk jugs because you can get a good shake with the handle before you use it!

This is after stirring, see how it is all blended together and no big clumps!

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