Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fairy Garden

So Lilly and I made these, she helped with most of the painting and it was really good for taking things slow and to  listen carefully to where and what color I told her to paint! I glued all the jewels on.

Lilly did this one

This one she I told her to do what ever she wanted! I think it came out cool!

 Same with this house, she did what ever she wanted!


This one she did mostly on her own with really good listening, you can see where the green got high so I put jewels around the bottom and white parts on the top

Same with this one she helped me paint and listen really good I think!!

We made a table for the fairys to have a Tea Party! We also have

Here are some of our Fairy's and Friends. I really wanted to buy the Mary Cicely Barker Fairy's but they are so expensive and breakable and I wanted to be able to play with our fairy garden.

Some of the items we have collected to make pathways and such!

I have some little pinwheels in tiny pots and wooden thread spoons I painted brown for seats to go with the mushroom tables. I have sealed all of the houses with a outdoor sealer.  Here is the village outside of Lillys and Raleys playhouse! They love that its all playable!

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