Monday, May 23, 2011

The past Week

This past week has been Crazy!!! Lilly is done with her first year of preschool, and she is Turing 4!!! I know I said I would have the tutorial for her invitations in two days and that was a week ago but we have been so busy doing this..

I showed them how to play with Cottonwood, they went crazy!! We marched around, blew it, I know a lot of people hate cottonwood but I have always loved it!! We have two huge cottonwood trees and it always looks like its snowing in the summer time to me!! You can see how covered the grass is.

Ray blowing some Cottonwood

 Lots of swinging!! Shes such a monkey!!

 Sharing Ice cream and secrets

These little Betty's came up! Don't you love Peonies!!

I have the tutorials done for a lot of the items on my To Do list from last week I just need to find time to post them!! Lilly's Birthday party had to be rescheduled for next week do to all the Rain, Storms, and tornado sirens going off . I do not think a bunch of soaking wet fairies would be to much fun!!Word on the street is you cant fly if your wings are wet, or at least according to Lilly ( and Disney) ;) But after rescheduling her party ( Giving mother nature a good fist shaking) the clouds parted and all the neighborhood girls came over and I was informed that I would be having a sprinkler party! Ha, I am such a push over! We started off with the sprinklers but pulled out the big guns and  broke out the giant tarps set it up it up at the bottom of the playset slide and had a blast, I even went down !! It was so fun! The after effects to the poor grass was not so fun but ehhh it was worth it!

We got the rest of our Garden planted! Until Today when I bought Some strawberry plants and a watermelon plant. I think they would be so fun to have this summer!! On the other side of the yard we have a spot were we have not grown anything in years so I am going to put in some blueberry plants!!



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