Friday, May 27, 2011

Lilly's Birthday Invitations!

These are the invitations I made for Lilly's 4th Birthday Party!! I don't feeeeel like they turned out exactly like I wanted but I feel like that about a lot of my stuff.. But she looooved them so that's all that matters! She kept telling me how Perfect they are! Shes so cute!! 

To do the writing on the paper I was going to use my wood burning tool and give a really aged look. But that did not work out so well . It took to long for it to brown on the paper and the letters turned out really streaky. Sooo I went to Michael's and bought a brown calligraphy pen! With High hopes of (looking at google images for all of two secs on how to write calligraphy) My amazing calligraphy skills. Buuut that was to hard. So I gave up and went back to computer and typed it all out and printed it. Ehhh you win some you lose some! The picture below is what I practiced on. On the finally invations the edges were not so, Raley took a bit out of them looking and..burnt. But I couldn't find any that were done and figure out how to get my address and everything blurred. I didn't want to put that out there for the world to see, ya know!

After I printed off the pictures I took them down and used coffee from the morning and a paint brush and painted the coffee on the paper. I did several coats of coffee on it. Then tore the edges from the paper to give it a aged look and then took a lighter to it and slowly burned the edges. I preferred to do this when the paper was still damp that way it just barley burned the edges. Once the paper got to dry it would burn the paper do fast!!

This is a close up of the fairy. Originally she had a yellow frame around her but I copied it and took it to "Paint" and erased it. I had to go inside all the flowers and leaves. It was a pain, I am not going to lie. I am sure there is a easier way to do it... I then Used the spray paint in the "Paint" and spray painted the bottom and left side under the grass to make it look more faded. In this picture you can see how and where I used the gel pens. In her hair, the center of the flowers, the edge of the wings, her sleeves and the top of her skirt. But I did all this after the coffee staining process so that way the gel pen colors were really bright and sparkly.

 I bought these bottles at Joann's in the wood section for a dollar a  piece, they were the kind of bottles that had the metal pouring tip for oil. Then I took some scraps of tulle cut them long and skinny added some ribbon and tied it in a knot on the top of the bottle. For the tag I used a scrapbook punch and put the date of the party with a gel pen (the paper is Moda). I added different glitters to the bottle so it would look like pixie dust! Lilly loved that! Then I  rolled up the invitation and put it in and gave the whole thing a good shake so the "pixie dust" would get all over the invitation! Lilly and I then walked around to our friends houses that lived near by and delivered them!


  1. Hello Annie,
    I have always loved that name ( Annie ) by the way.. : ) Thank you so much for stopping by...I tried to locate you on pinterest but wasn't sure how... : )

    It is all such a learning experience for me...I have just recently started blogging and am surprised at how much I have learned already since I know absolutely NOTHING about computers...

    Look forward to visiting with you..

  2. Hello Friend! I am now a follower on your Pinterest!! Thank YOU for stopping at my blog too! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog over at "Free Pretty Things For You" when you were doing the give away because I LOVE your items you make!! I am a firm believer.. FIRM, that there can NEVER be enough Ruffles in this world!! :)