Friday, May 6, 2011

Hair organizer..?

Hi!! So now I am really excited!! I have 6 Followers !!!! I cant believe it!!!
I just had to say that!!
So L and R's hair accessories were out of control. They were thrown in a makeup bag of mine ( minus the bows) and it took forever to find a rubber band that I wanted especially matching ones! Usually I would just dump the bag out on the changing table as I did Raleys hair, which she would love and throw all over the room. So I bought this little divider in the Target dollar asle and it fit perfect in a diaper wipe container! I have rubber bands and small clips on top and when I put the divider in it stops about half way down the container so under the divider I store big clips and ribbons! I have a Ribbon holder that hangs in the girls closets for all the bows to hang on! I was thinking about covering the diaper wipe container in fabric but since Lilly loves it so and keeps pulling it down and then Raley gets it, I think I will wait!

Our Caterpillar's have now formed there cocoon's and Lilly is very excited!! These pics were taken a couple days ago so they should be coming out of there cocoon's soon!!

I have been lacking on posting because I have been outside working on the backyard, laying bricks and putting mulch down ! Its going to look so neat Iam going pics once I am done! But we did go to the petting zoo!

Goats were feed..

 Every SINGLE goat was hugged.. ( this little goat was laying down so Ray camped out with it)

 And fed some more..

And horses were ridden ( All by herself!)

It was a good day. Ending with the neighborhood girls coming over and playing tag in the backyard! Loving the good weather!!

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