Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Music Monday... er Tuesday

Lennon and Maisy 
Lennon is 12 and Maisy is 8
I love them. LOVE.
Awhile ago I was Exploring music I came across their parents
Which led me to them. They are now on the Tv show "Nashville".
The top video is what got them noticed by the public.
I love how if you watch Lennon she seems to go to another place when she sings.
How Maisy is always moving. I also love that they do not cover Taylor Swift!
They have 5 songs out and they are in my iTunes! 

The Stellas 
These are their parents! They sing Canadian country.. 
not really my thing but I think they are 
 the coolest couple! 
Seriously, they are the BEST!

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