Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces over the Past month

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook
Feeding Reindeer snow, while waiting for Santa
Sweet little dress from Treasure Hunting
Relaxing and Reading 
Hanging out with the family
Handmade Marshmallows 
Christmas aftermath
A handmade Christmas
Cowgirls are super heroes too 
Fort Christmas was invaded 
 Mosaic Art
Christmas in my Room: A bunting I made
 Close up
 Wooden Ornaments 
 A few from my Shiny brite collection
 Christmas colored Pot holders
 Little people nativity
 We made Snow Globes
 Christmas Cookies 
 Pipe cleaners and beads ornaments 
 Breakfast after Church 
 Best.Dog.Ever. *Note the drool*
 Jackson was back!
 Friday night movie night and making garlands 
 Making stockings for the Horses at the stables until...
 Matching toes!
 That is one way.. 
 First and Fav seed magazine of the session!
 Tilly Monster
 Going on the Lumiere walk with friends
 Drive in Thanksgiving movie
 Playing with Hamilton!!
 Lilly and "her" horse
 At Church
 Play-doh, Hello Kitty Go Fish, Puppy Ears
Cleaning Tack  
 Onnnne More

Yes I am late, very very late on alot of this... I made a ton of Christmas stuff that I wanted to show you guys but just did not have time :( I learned a lesson this year, Do not commit to a Giant project and a couple mini projects to and do a lot of Homemade gifts, Classes starting... It all worked out very well, just no free time to blog!  

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