Friday, September 7, 2012

Bits + Pieces

These were some missed pics of the summer. I reeeally slacked on updating the blog. As soon as we wake up we eat breakfest and head outside to play with Hamilton and why take the laptop outside when I can play with my kids and animals riiiigh!?

1/2 Cheer camp. Lilly loved it and she did it with her little friend next door. I put an arrow over her head in 2 pic
3 Pool Time
4 My parents went to Jerusalem for a few weeks and brought back crosses and dresses for the girls. This dress.
5/6/7 Gardening class
8/9 She is as bad as a dog when you have the hose out. Watering anything is near impossible and fun! 
10/11/12/13 My sisters Garden Party she has every year.
14/15 Doing fireworks
16/17 Seeing Ducks while where he duck hats.. It makes you one with the duck. Trust me.
18 Birdie
19 I found this of Sir Hamilton from the day we got him! So tiny in my sisters hands!

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