Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two girls a dog and a duck.

These pictures were from a month or so ago. I just have not had time to get a lot of post done!! With summer getting wrapped  up and school starting soon and doing our Homeschooling its just been super busy!!

Remy could care less if Hamilton is in the pool he will hoop in and splash around... Hamilton does not find it funny.

Remy is the best dog. BEST! Everyone ask what the "Duck Dog" thinks of the duck and does he try to eat him. No He has never tried to eat him. Not once. In fact quite the opposite,You can see in one of the pictures where Hamilton walks up and starts preening on Remy and it kind of weirds Remy out! Now that Hamilton has gotten Full grown, He is about 15 weeks. He chases both dogs around, just like he is one of them. Funny Bird!

Here are some pictures of my loves, this was a day during our Ocean/ Water unit. The bottom pictures are of Raley collecting acorns and Sir Hamilton came over to see what she was doing ( He is so nosey!) and then they were off to collect more with Hamilton squawking the whole way!

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  1. This is soooo cute. The duck is growing like crazy. The girls are absolutely beautiful and growing as fast as the duck.