Friday, August 31, 2012

Bike Wash

Made this the other day for the girls and they LOVE it! I cost maybe..$3.00? I used 3/4inch PVC, Two elbows, and 2 "T's". I drilled the holes along the top pipe (Little tip, when you are drilling on the pipe put the "T's" on both ends so it will lay flat, otherwise you have to hold the pipe really tight...its just easier, trust me) then I duck taped everything together.. well because Raley is wild and I figured it would come down the first time she swung herself around it. Also I forgot to get end caps... just didn't think about it.. so I used duck tape for that also. Worked like a charm! They have loved it, even Hamilton the Duck has gone threw it! We made this during our Ocean/Water week. I will put up everything that I do with them for Homeschooling, It just takes awhile to get it all together I have probably 8 or 9..maybe more, units that we have done over the summer! 

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