Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Spooky House

This is Lil's and Ray's playhouse and for Halloween we decided to decorate it up a bit! Lilly loves it she calls it her spooky house! It has a raven on the roof, and hanging spider, "Hunted House" sign, creepy fabric, candy corn lights and pumpkin garland, spooky purple, orange, black flowers in her flower pots, and the orange burlap bunting I made! Even the fairy garden has some spooky additions with its mini bunting and headstones! We have mini pumpkins to go in the fairy town to but they are not in the picture! I made a wreath to go on the front door but Ray would not stop plucking the pumpkins off!! So I took it down.. maybe next year! For the bunting I used black puffy paint and put it on with a paint brush, I figured that paint would run with the rain and then just wove the packing twin threw the burlap!

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  1. Annie I just love the news and pictures of the girls. Looking forward to the next.