Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Bee's

This is a picture of the bees coming out of the floor, which is where they land before crawling into the hive.

The hive area

This is a smoker. It makes the bees think there house is on fire and they are too busy gathering there honey to be to aggressive

My sister

Here she is taking the hives apart

This honey frame is from the "super". Which is a upper chamber and only honey is stored in that since the queen bee can not get to it.

Here she is taking a brood fame out. This is the brood chamber where the queen lays eggs and young bees hatch. The brood chamber is the bottom on the bottom of the hive. It will have a queen excluder on top of it to prevent the queen from laying eggs in the honey that is in the super.

Honeycomb from super


This honey frame is from the Brood chamber. You can see the larva, that is white.

This honey frame is from the Super. All Honey!

Honeycomb from the Super

 My mom, she loves the bees... cant you tell!


Smoking the bees


 Honey frame from the Brood Frame. More Larva.


Me-"Hey mom, What are you doing", My mom-"Iam protecting my neck from the bees.." Me- "Well huh... What about your arms?" Shes so funny!!



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