Friday, June 29, 2012

Hamilton The Duck

Meet Hamilton Duck! He is the newest addition to our little family. We got him 2 days after he hatched and He is a Cayuga Duck. When he gets bigger he will be metallic green all over with metallic blue on his wings and black bill and black feet. He is going to a "quite" and flightless duck. Which is why I chose this breed because we live in the burbs. It is so cute to watch him waddle after my daughters when we go get the mail and when they start walking to fast he chirps at them to slow down!  He loves to sleep on his back, who knew that duck sleep on their back! He penguin dives in the pool. He is really sweet and cuddly. I have a ton more to share about him, also all of these pictures are were taken about 2 weeks ago with in the first week we got him. Tons more to come about Hamilton!

This is the book that Was read to me as a child and what he is named after, oddly though my Grandmothers madden name is Hamilton also. One of my favorite childhood books.

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