Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Burlap matting

I thought I would show these, I didn't take before pics because I did these long before I thought about doing a blog. But with all the burlap craze in blog land I thought maybe someone could do something fun with this idea!!! All three picture frames are different because I didn't want to pay a lot of money to buy frames, these I got at goodwill and found in my parents basement! You have to love free!! These prints from pottery barn and I love them !! I spray painted the frames white. The prints I laid out on my kitchen table and then measured the white space between the print and the end of the picture I believe it was 4 inches all around. I used the cardboard backing from the old prints and laid my new print on top of it and secured it with little scrapbook sticky squares on the back of the picture. I then put my burlap on top of the print and put the frame on without the glass in it, to hold the burlap in place. I then cut out my square so you could see the picture. When I cut the square in the burlap I made it just a half an inch bigger then where my white begun so I could fold it under. Burlap frays really bad and I wanted a clean finish around the picture that is why I folded it under. Now to hold the burlap fold down I used a peachy colored thread that was my grandmas! She has past on so I like to do something special with the things that were hers and this way when I look at the pic I will always think of her when I see the thread!! Anywho, I just did a quick hand stick around the folded edge and then took hot glue and glued the fold down so it all stayed nice and tight! Then popped the frame off put the glass back in and nailed the back of the frame back on and all done!! I am sure was not the easiest to follow but I will try to take step by step pics from now on!!

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